Davi (DAH-vee), now 11 and in the 5th grade, has fully recovered from her fall. She still loves to “run and twirl and skip and jump” (tween version), but mostly she loves to read. And read. And read. An extremely kind child, Davi is passionate about making the world a better place.


Davi talks about the book

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Davi’s Chicken Dance

Davi reads the book

Don’t Worry


Hi! It’s Davi and I’m back with a few fun games to pass the time in your casts.

The Forever Going Story

This story never ends. It only pauses to be picked up another time!


  • All you need is your brain
  • At least one other person

How to Play

  • First one person begins the story
  • Then the next person picks it up
  • Then either the first person picks it back up or the next person goes

This game ends whenever you want it to!



  • A voice
  • At least 2 other people

How to Play

  • Everybody sits together
  • One person says “Ha”
  • The person to the right of them repeats “Ha”
  • It goes on and on UNTIL…
  • When a person actually laughs they are out
  • The winner is the last person in the game

I hope you enjoyed this. Remember a cast is temporary!

Your friend, Davi!

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