Meet Sammy:

An hour ago she was fine. Then an “Oh, No” fall broke her femur (thigh bone). Hours later woke to find herself in a spica cast, from her chest to her ankle. It’s the same kind of cast used to treat children whose hips didn’t grow right (hip dysplasia).

Sammy’s life has turned topsy-turvy. She’s sidelined from her favorite play, cast care is a bother, the days slog by. She becomes sad, angry, frustrated.

Cast of characters

Meet the Amazing Cast: How and when did they come into Sammy's life?

It looks like an ordinary clunky purple cast, but it’s not. It’s amazing, because it’s brimful of cheerleading kisses! Where did they whoosh from? How and when did they come into Sammy’s life? Why do they stick around after her cast is sawn off? How come only Sammy hears their whispers?

All children in a cast, whatever its size or awkwardness, will be delighted and inspired by The Kisses as they cheer for courage and preach patience.

Everyone knows: One Kiss for a Boo-Boo. A Bazillion Kisses for a Cast!


Sammy's Broken Leg (Oh, No!) and the Amazing Cast That Fixed It

For young children recovering from the physical and emotional upset of life interrupted by a cast.

Steven Passik, PhD, Pain Psychologist

"Comforting, sweet story...captures the feelings of the whole family. It realistically portrays the patience needed before a child is restored to full activity. This is a loving story that educates, encourages and entertains."

Nicholas Ettinger, MD, Pediatrician

"A loving, sweet story of a little girl's broken leg and recovery that is informative and medically accurate."

Theresa LePore, Director, Micah Children’s Academy, Nashville

"The book walks you through and helps ease the anxiety of the real-life events that happen during Sammy's hospital visit and beyond. The surprise kisses are a brilliant and whimsical way to portray all of Sammy's get-well wishes, thoughts and prayers. They are Sammy's reminders of how much she is loved."

Walter Harrison, MD, FAAP

"As a pediatrician, I think this story about dealing with a [cumbersome] cast is just right. It is very nicely done."

Sally Nalven, Professor, Child Development, San Diego Miramar College

"I like the way the story moves toward recovery and wellness."

Robin Radlauer-Cramer, Literacy Specialist, Author

"The book helps kids struggling with a physical condition and tells them they aren't alone."


For a book that’s a mere one thousand words, this one packs a wealth of benefits: for the child in a cast, and for his/her family. When whimsy and a realistic portrayal of recovery come together, amazement happens!

For children:

This book will…

  • comfort your child.
  • ease your child’s fears.
  • teach your child patience.
  • help heal your child by boosting his/her mood.
  • show your child the power of love from family and friends.
  • give your child realistic expectation about: discomfort, cast care, limited activity, post-cast recovery.
  • give your child a secret sense of power: only the child hears The Kisses.
  • entertain and make your child smile, even laugh.

For parents:

This book will…

  • boost your ability to comfort your injured child.
  • give you a novel way — a bazillion kisses — to express love in the “super-size” quantities young children love to hear.
  • calm your fears and anxieties about your child’s recovery.
  • help you recognize your child’s unverbalized sadness, anger, frustration.
  • help you help your child deal with those feelings.



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ISBN Paperback: 978-0-9974449-1-9 ($13.99)

ISBN Hardback: 978-0-9974449-0-2 ($18.99)

ISBN eBook: 978-0-9974449-2-6 ($6.99)

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